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More from the Opticians

Here’s another shot, showing off a bit more of the opticians I’ve been photographing. It’s very nice and a great place to shoot, when customers aren’t walking across the shot of course! 😉

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It’s very hot and sunny here right now so I could do with some new sun glasses. Not sure how these will look on the beach but, hey, I’m all about the latest trends! 😉 Having fun doing a shoot […]

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Nice Shoes!

Today has been shoes, shoes, shoes! And a bit of networking. Although not for me these little bobby dazzlers were certainly very popular! Wonder if they jingle when you walk? 😉

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Being watched on Google!

These views of my images on Google are really shooting up! Hope people are benefiting from them!

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Photoshoot by the Radcliffe Camera

Working in Oxford today! Love when jobs come up here. I especially love it when I have time to stroll around in the sun after an early shoot and before the tourists arrive!

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Lego Jurassic World!

So, I did a photo shoot and virtual tour for a toy shop in the Cotswolds today. Seeing the new Lego toys I happened to mention that I was an extra in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. When I finished the […]

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Coffee and Photography

Another day, another coffee! Love it when the final shoot of the day is in a cafe! Lots of editing to do now before more shoots tomorrow!

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Finding Nemo

Found him! Scorcher of a day today and I’m on the road doing 3 different magazine shoots. These little guys were at my first clients!

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Taking a quick break!

I know how you feel little fella! Busy week already having completed shoots for a hotel in Wimbledon and a Boarding School in Shropshire already. Raining now so it’s an editing day! Plenty more shoots lined up, the next potentially […]

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Commercial Shoot

Shooting a virtual tour and behind the scenes stills on a video shoot for Silvertip Films today!

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