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May 2018

Working by the coast

Bit overcast today but still not s had view on my walk between jobs in Plymouth!

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Smile J.K!

The weather wasn’t great in Exeter for today’s shoot, unfortunately. However, I did come across a great, big picture of J K Rowling’s face in one of the rooms I photographed. So, here it is.

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Car Dealerships

Now I’m working in Swindon! To see more exciting photos of random stuff, watch this space for more from tomorrow’s shoot in Devon.

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Back seat editors!

You know you’re busy when you have to make a start on your editing in the back seat of the car, in a car park in Southampton! Wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

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Photoshoot by the Radcliffe Camera

Working in Oxford today! Love when jobs come up here. I especially love it when I have time to stroll around in the sun after an early shoot and before the tourists arrive!

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Bristol Streets

Working on a shoot in Bristol today. Love working here as I always discover new places while walking to location. The sun’s out too, which is a bonus!

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