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March 2018

Easter editing!

Seeing as my wife has to work ALL Easter (?) I may as well get on with editing! Here’s a little snippet of one of this week’s virtual tours.

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Taking a quick break!

I know how you feel little fella! Busy week already having completed shoots for a hotel in Wimbledon and a Boarding School in Shropshire already. Raining now so it’s an editing day! Plenty more shoots lined up, the next potentially […]

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A Hotel Shoot in London

The location for today! Beautiful weather for a virtual tour shoot at the Hotel Du Vin in Wimbledon!

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Commercial Shoot

Shooting a virtual tour and behind the scenes stills on a video shoot for Silvertip Films today!

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Busy day today with 7 or 8 separate photo shoots to complete. I’ve been shooting a range of things including food, fashion, an art installation and this calligraphy course, to name but a few. Got a similar day tomorrow too!

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Crazy Circles!

Working in Cardiff on a shoot today! Went for a walk, found a big metal ring… which was nice.

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