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November 2017


Must remember I’m here to work, must remember I’m here to work…

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Back doing studio work for a couple of days! Why does the sun always shine when you’re working in a building with no windows!

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Belt Up!

Loving these belts at todays shoot!

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Feeling hungry?

I might end up spending more than i earn today. The dangers of doing a photoshoot at a deli!

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Something Fishy!

What was I doing on this cold Sunday morning in November at 8.30? Doing a photoshoot for a new Tapas restaurant and eating squid of course!

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Neckalaces and Earrings

Today is a jewellery shoot kind of day!

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A photographer walks into a bar at night…

I’m having a busy few weeks! Still, always nice to end the day with an evening shoot at a new bar! Shame I’m working really.

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