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More from the Opticians

Here’s another shot, showing off a bit more of the opticians I’ve been photographing. It’s very nice and a great place to shoot, when customers aren’t walking across the shot of course! 😉

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It’s very hot and sunny here right now so I could do with some new sun glasses. Not sure how these will look on the beach but, hey, I’m all about the latest trends! 😉 Having fun doing a shoot […]

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Being watched on Google!

These views of my images on Google are really shooting up! Hope people are benefiting from them!

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10,000,000 Views on Google!

Thanks Google. Nice to know it’s not just my mum who thinks I’m amazing. To be honest, she just thinks I’m ok. 😉

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Gym Time!

Early morning start here in Gloucester! Shooting a tour of a gym and trying to work out how to photograph a steam room without the lens fogging up!

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Space Oddity

Loving the 60s vibes on my shoot yesterday. I now want a buy to ball chair!

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Bristol Art Gallery

Sneak peek of today’s gallery shoot in Bristol!

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Lovely morning to be working in Bristol, just opposite the SS Great Britain!

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Rain, rain, rain!

Not the best day for a photo shoot! Looks like I’ll have to up my game and beat the rain! At least most of it is indoors… most of it.

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Oxford Lifestyle

More shoots in Oxford this week! Managing to avoid the bad weather so, going well so far! Over to Swindon tomorrow then deep into the Cotswolds for the rest of the week!

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